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We are a family team that love the small and medium projects that larger contractors don’t want to do, especially those that require a creative solution, or the finest and most delicate of touches.

Our vast wisdom and experience in servicing homes and buildings has grown over a nearly 20 year career managing real estate.  We’ve crawled under, climbed on, dug into, diagnosed, repaired and loved on literally thousands of homes and buildings over that time.

We are licensed (Oregon CCB# 242394), bonded and insured for $2,000,000.

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We are Creative & Passionate Perfectionists who are Very, Very Handy

We love the small and medium projects that larger contractors don’t want to do, especially those that require a creative solution, or the finest and most delicate of touches.


Something at your home or office not working quite right?  We can help!


Want to change or improve something about your home or office?  We can help!


Got a complex problem at your home or office that requires an intelligent solution?  We can help!


Have a vision or a dream for your home or office but don’t know where to begin?  We can help!

Need someone handy at your home or office?

One of the finest handyperson teams in Bend is just a few clicks away.

Featured Projects

Here is a small sampling of the projects in which I was with it enough to remember to photograph them.  We’ve attempted to highlight our more creative and artistic projects, which are our favorite kind!

This stair railing on the Central Coast of Oregon kept getting blown down in winter storms and washing out to sea.  So we figured, if it’s eventually going back to the sea, why not use materials from the sea?  In the process we ended up saving some trees and drastically lowering the materials cost!  Deck and fencing materials have become quite expensive.

These AirBnB owners needed a closet orgainizer solution that looked first class but also could work with the stacking washer/dryer they hoped to someday add to the closet on the left side.  We found this all wood kit at Lowes and heavily modified the side shelving and mounting system to accommodate the unique and precise configuration needs.

We finished it off by hanging their broom, mop and beloved Dyson stick vacuume that were previously leaning in the corner of the closet.  We used 3M’s ingenious command strips to make for easy relocation when the washer/dryer someday arrive.

This vacation cottage owner wanted to recreate the look and feel of a sunset in the front of her home to compliment its beautiful panoramic sunset views to the west.

This owner needed a better blinds solution in the bonus loft of their AirBnB.  The tattered old half-height curtains not only looked terrible in their high end rental, but provided inadequately minimal light protection or privacy from the rear neighbors.  We researched, found, special ordered these blinds by Bali that are specifically designed for hard to cover trapezoidal windows.

This project turned out to not be for the faint at heart.  It was arguably the trickiest window convering measurement and installation we’ve ever done thanks to the unusual shape and pull of gravity on this design.

This new homeowner could not wait to get her toilet outfitted with her beloved “ClearRear” add-on bidet.  It’s a simple, nifty and quite inexpensive way to a cleaner rear, which seems to be in high demand of late.  The big downside to this one, and a deal breaker for me personally, is that the water is not heated.

For the ultimate experience in bathroom relief though, we prefer the TOTO C100 Electronic Bidet.  It’s a dream seat that will be the most appreciated in the house!  Especially with our long cold Oregon winters.  The downside is considerably higher product and installation costs thanks to the need for an electrical source near the base of the toilet – an unusual location for find a plug!

This coastal home had an exterior stair railing bracket that was not holding up to the elements too well.  The inexpensive interior grade screws were rusting and metallically reacting with the metal of the bracket and in the process staining the beautiful freshly painted blue wall.  We removed the failing screws, touched up the paint, and upgraded the screws to beefier marine grade stainless screws – pricey but so necessary and worth it on the coast, and for such an important safety related purpose.

This project turned out to be quite a sensitive one.  The screw heads were dissolving under the rust, necessitating very careful extraction so as to not strip them out, and delicately drilling out of the ones that were too far gone to turn even with a special damaged screw extractor.

We received an emergency call from an AirBnB owner whose bathtub faucet valve was siezed after over 10 years of dutiful servicing of mineral laden well water.  Guests were due to arrive in a matter of hours.

We arrived to find the aftermath of a previous handyman’s attempt at repairing it.  Unable to pull out the stuck valve, it was broken off halfway inside of the valve body.

A timely and delicate extraction of the severly stuck valve cartrige ensued, followed by a trip to the specialty plumbing store to nab an instock replacement cartrige.  The faucet was back up and running and the tub cleaned to perfection just as the guests were arriving.

This was a little office closet that needed a couple dozen feet of luxury vinyl flooring installed to match that in the office adjacent.  A relatively simple task, but the catch was that this meticulous business owner wanted a perfect seam around the network conduits that ran through the closet floor.

Due to their tight location up against the closet wall, wires that could not be removed, and a very particular installation sequence necessitated by the design of the flooring, we had to carefully plan out the seam locations and installation steps.  Lots of head-scratching went on with this one before a solution was arrived upon.

We finished the seam with a perfect bead of color matching caulk to giving the first class touch!

Freequently Asked Questions

How much do you cost?

If you have to ask, we’re probably not the best fit for your needs.  We’re perfectionists who are best suited for jobs that require an experienced and precise touch.  We’re also extremely creative artists who add beauty and love to everything we touch.

Our rates vary depending on the project and client, but generally are around $100 per hour.  We bill to the nearest quarter hour and charge for one site time only, never for travel time, research, materials &  parts acquisition time or head scratching.

What areas do you service?

We primarily cover the cities of Bend, Sun River and Redmond.

We live in the Midtown of Bend, Oregon, and we’ve spent way too much of our lives driving long distances to sites.  Today we prefer to keep our travels to 20 minutes or less from Midtown Bend, but will make exceptions for the right job or client.

Best way to find out if we can be of assistance is to shoot us a call, text or message.

What if I can't afford your rates, but am sick of all the hacks?

The exceptional quality of our service necessitates our relatively high rates.  But those high rates allow us to do one of our favorite things: give back to our community that has given so much to us.

If you are good human who is in a financial hardship of sorts, you very well may qualify for our Community Repairing Community Program in which we offer our services at low or zero cost.  Operational expenses for this program come from Bend Handy’s 10% tithing practice on all revenues.

Learn more about this program…

Are you licensed and insured?

 We are indeed licensed, bonded and insured (for $2 million)!

Our Oregon Construction Contractor’s Board license number (aka CCB #) is 242394.

Can you install/assemble/fix something I purchased?

Absolutely!  We love installing, assembling and fixing things and owner procured on their own.  However, the quality of the finished product greatly depends on the quality of the unfinished product.  That is to say, if it’s a big box store cheapo thing, you might not be too pleased with the results.

We highly recommend including us in your material selection process, as our vast experience loving on homes has lead us to the best options the market has to offer in just about every area of operation in a home or office.

I need you! How do we get started?

Awesome.  We can’t wait to help.  Check our our Contact Us page for all the different options on how to get the ball rolling on your project.

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“The quality of work and exacting attention to detail that Nate has repeatedly to our vacation rental was second to none.  Our rates just keep going up!” Chuck Rucker

“This guy only knows one way to do things: the right way.” Scott Trenery

“The plumber we called wanted a fortune to repair our misbehaving drain line.  Nate came up with a quick & inexpensive fix that was 25% as complicated and 100% effective.” Carol Fox

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If it's not done right, it's not done.  We won't rest until you are satisfied, guaranteed.

Earth First

Doing best by Mother Earth is a top priority.  Recycling/up-cycling/reusing, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness are cornerstones of our projects.

Family Owned & Operated

No giant corporations here.  Just a loving family team who is passionate about improving the lives of our clients.

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